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HZS180 concrete mixing plant

Field of application: Key technical advantages of HZS180 concrete mixing plant construction Shangxin Machinery is committed to the pursuit of reasonable product cost, stable performance, and superb appearance structure.
Equipment introduction
JIANXIN The HZS180 concrete mixing station is equipped with a computer management system and an automatic control system developed by our company. The operation is simple and convenient. Using Windows2000 operating system, full Chinese menu display, the entire process of all equipment state simulation display and equipped with sound and light alarm. When working in the mixing station, after only a few buttons are operated, the entire work process is transferred to the computer control. Mixing host uses JS3000 double horizontal shaft forced mixing host, the main electrical components imported products. The configuration of the HZS180 series mixing plant is characterized by excellent stirring performance, accurate and stable metering, high reliability, convenient maintenance, high environmental performance, and a high degree of modularity. It is ideal and preferred equipment for concrete construction and commercial concrete production.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant production line equipment mainly includes twin-shaft mixer, batching machine, cement warehouse and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, and computer control room. The theoretical productivity is 180m3/h, the power of the mixing master is 110KW, the nominal capacity of the mixer is 3000L, the number of bins of the batching machine is 4 cells, the batching capacity is 4800L, 3×100t, the capacity of the silo is measured and the precision (0~1600) ) ± 1% kg, the range and accuracy of the admixture weighing (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, the measurement accuracy of aggregate weighing ± 2%, the discharge height of 3.8 meters, the total installed power of 215.5KW, in order to meet the production demand.
Main details
Mixing system
The main mixer of HZS180 concrete mixing plant is JS3000 concrete mixer. The arc part of the mixing drum is welded. The mixing barrel is equipped with five kinds of lining plates, which are fastened with the countersunk screws and the cylinder; due to the aggregate and the lining different contact conditions, uneven wear of the lining, in order to improve the use time of the lining, can be interchanged; the mixing shaft and the end of the mixing drum are provided with special sealing devices. In order to ensure the quality of the seal, a special oil supply pump is arranged on the end face of the mixer drum.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant Mixing system
Batching system
The HZS180 concrete mixing plant uses the PLD4800 concrete batching machine, which has a "one" shape as a whole. Both the storage hopper and the weighing hopper are designed with a pneumatic sector door. The weighing method is the sensor weighing, which can measure the four aggregates separately and improve the batching precision. The discharge belt conveyor is a trough belt conveyor driven by a rubberized drum, and the drum is electrically driven.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant Batching system
Conveyor system
The screw conveyor of HZS180 concrete mixing plant adopts high-quality steel pipe with good rigidity; double pitch blade reduces the degree of material conveying and compression; high-quality gearbox, heavy-duty design, large torque and low noise; optional universal ball joint makes steering adjustment Convenient; equipped with high-quality middle and rear bearings, and easy to install;
HZS180 concrete mixing plant belt conveyor is generally used as the aggregate conveying equipment for medium and large concrete mixing plants. It has the characteristics of strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance. It can conveniently implement program control and automation.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant Conveyor system
Control System
The center of HZS180 concrete mixing plant is the control system. The whole machine is controlled by computer. It can be controlled automatically or manually. It is easy to operate and easy to master. The dynamic panel display makes it easy for the user to monitor the operation of each component and store and print the report data.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant Control System
Bolted cement silo
The bolted type cement silo of 180 concrete mixing plant is a combined cement silo. The silo body is formed by die-casting. The product is small in size and easy to transport. It is suitable for export container and domestic long-distance transportation.
The Integral-type cement silo of 180 concrete mixing plant is a one-piece cement silo with a large volume. The cargo itself is super long and super high, suitable for near-distance transportation. 200 tons ,300 tons of cement silo is required to be produced on site.
The Horizontal cement silo of 180 concrete mixing plant has a cylindrical structure. The bottom is supported by four round tube legs. The whole silo is in the form of steel structure and welded. The top is equipped with dust collector and pressure safety valve. The horizontal cement silo meets the industry standard. The warehouse body is made of steel plate and grooved hoop, and the legs are welded by national standard pipe.
HZS180 concrete mixing plant Bolted cement silo

Technical Parameters
project Maximum productivity Mixer model Batcher model Discharge height Working cycle time Weighing accuracy
HZS180 180m3/h JS3000 PLD4800 4100(mm) 72(S)









project Maximum productivity Mixer model Batcher model
HZS180 180m3/h JS3000 PLD4800

Solution And CaseMore+

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HZS75 Concrete Mixing Station start Installation and Commissioning in Kashifu County Xinjiang

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 Case study of Nanping HZS120 concrete mixing plant in Nanch

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